About Lisa


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Change Coach, Writer, Speaker, Wife and the proud mother of Lucy, an incredibly fun, wise and beautiful 7 year old beam of light.

I earned my Bachelor's in 1993 and spent the next 13 years as an accountant. About 11 years in, I began to feel extremely irritable, restless and bored. The life I had built no longer fit me and my body was literally aching for change. When my life coach suggested I go get a massage, I had no idea it was about to change my life. From that point on, the healing arts began calling me and I soon decided to come out from behind my desk and engage the world as the person I was becoming. Massage school, here I come!

As I launched my new career as a massage therapist, I continued working with my coach. She helped me through that period of change as well as other significant life transitions. She helped me recognize and release destructive and limiting behavior patterns. She taught me how to let go of the need for outside validation. She guided me as I learned to surrender to things outside of my control and release judgment of myself and others so I could love more deeply. However, the most significant thing I learned in working with my coach is how align with source, tune in to my own guidance system and follow my heart. 

As a massage therapist, it didn't take me long to realize that by manually and energetically releasing my client's aches and pains, I was often just treating the symptoms of much bigger issues. When we suppress our emotions, silence our voice, stifle our creativity, feel trapped, alone or taken advantage of, shameful, angry, depressed...we feel it in our physical body. When left unchecked, it manifests as physical symptoms (i.e. dis-ease) which is simply our body's way of waking us up. It starts as a whisper and then gets louder and louder until it becomes life-altering. Experiencing these truths with my clients launched my desire to go beyond bodywork, share what I've learned and become a Coach. 

Just like you, I've had my share of pain and struggles. Most notably, my mother's debilitating illness while I was growing up, depression and anxiety, and most recently, the death of both my parents, divorce and becoming a single mom. A tremendous amount of self-work has been required to not only "get through it", but reach the other side a more joyful, whole and complete version of myself. My choice to focus on my growth as I worked through the pain has caused me to expand in ways I never dreamed. As life continues to challenge and bewilder me, I know there's a solid foundation on which I stand. My growth thus far would never have been realized without the help of my Coach and my willingness to put in the work. I've been able to create my life on my own terms, with joy and love, in alignment with my soul's journey. I wish that for you and would be honored to be a part of your support team.