"Lisa is a very skilled therapist. Best deep tissue I have had in Chicago. So glad I found her!" 

- Stephanie H.

"Love every second of it, can't wait for my next one. Lisa is a massage goddess!" 

- Lazarina S.

"When you keep coming back...that should explain EVERYTHING!"

- Lawrence S.

"In the past decade I've had a plethora of massage therapists through some highly rated massage salons, and although I thought those were wonderful, none come close to Lisa Hinton. She uses techniques I've never experienced and that worked wonders on my extremely tightly bound shoulder muscles. It's apparent that Lisa takes her job seriously, continues to grow in perfecting it, and that through experience has developed into an artist of massage." - Monique C.

"I am about to finish up my last session of life coaching and have to say that it has really helped me jump start a much needed change in my life! Lisa understands struggle, she's been there. You can tell her ANYTHING and not feel embarrassed or worried that she will judge you. After finally spilling the beans to her about what was really standing in my way, I was finally able to free myself. She offered wonderful techniques, literature, and audio/visual references to help me understand why I felt certain ways and how I could rise up and become better. Lisa really cares about her clients. Thank you Lisa!"

- Meagan P.

"I feel vulnerable saying this, but I will anyway: working on myself with Lisa as my coach has given meaning back to my life. I've learned to observe my thought processes and recognize when they are preventing me from enjoying my life. By working on concrete strategies for changing my behaviors, I am finding peace in my daily routine and have more time than ever to enjoy my hobbies and spend time with my family. By helping me identify the root of my problems and work through them, Lisa has helped me enjoy life more, be less hard on myself and fall back in love with my life. I am just so grateful for it all."  - Haoqi Z.